Monthly Archive: October, 2012

Borrowed Language

how weird it is to borrow someone else’s language. It’s a bit like stealing their soul. I wonder how much of the author is missing in a poem’s translation. It’s already hard to… Continue reading

Larry David goes to a second convenience store

and he still can’t find where the toilet paper is. The only man at the aisle is asian. Larry asks: “Excuse me, who’s the shop owner here?” “Are you kidding me? Who do… Continue reading

Larry David goes into an asian convenience store

and asks the asian man where the toilet paper is. The man looks at him outraged: “Excuse me? What the fuck makes you think that I’m the shop assistant? Is this because I’m… Continue reading

Polite toilet

I was taking a crap at the agency’s bathroom. I sneezed. And a voice yelled “Bless You!” from the outside. Gee, what a polite country this is.

Someone should write

An indie movie about a teenager and an adult that become friends while both attending Weight Watchers.

George Carlin doesn’t vote, and neither do I


to that person who finds the funniest shit for me to watch. Thanks, to that other who can open my eyes to make me see things in a different light. And that one… Continue reading