Silent reactions

Screen Shot 2012-12-04 at 13.10.44

I pass this note to my teacher and friends in class, asking them to Tell me something.
The whole idea was to get them to tell me something I should have listened to, and I
might have been missing because of all my talking. I guess this was a little too much
to explain, and they were somehow shocked by the video I just played a few minutes ago,
so it got misinterpreted and they gave me a lot of different answers, from funny to sweet,
but all very encouraging. I guess what I’ve learned from this second part of the experiment
is that:

-You gotta ask the right questions to get the right answers

-Maybe all of these positive things were something they were
already telling me before, but I just wasn’t listening carefully.
Because of a negative mindset (BUHH, NEGATRON!)

This is what my teacher said:

I think you have a lot of heart, and you can’t teach that.

You either have it or you don’t. And you do*

*also I bet you’re a fun dancer.