Hi there! I’m Olympia, a typewriter machine. 
Some people call me Oli, and I call them often.

I’ve been typing words like bubblegum, victorian, cheeky, pocket, bacon and even modern words like digital since before I was born. I type both in English and Spanish and I’ve upgraded my software with some new features that could help creative people -such as Photoshop, Ilustrator, Concepting, LOLcats and Internet Feed. I come in pocket size, so I’ve been taken everywhere -from Sevilla to Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam, San Francisco and New York.

Other than writing, I’m also very good at
– Being an enthusiastic
– Hating spelling mistakes
– Supporting art directors
– Finding weird Internet stuff

I would love you to give me something to type about. So if you think that I’m indeed your type and you could use me, send me some beautiful words on an email to mehecambiado@gmail.com